Doom-Glam: NIN's Reznor & Bowie Perform Together

The audience of 10,000 who showed up for the first night of the Bowie/NIN

"Outside Tour" at The Meadows in Hartford, Connecticut (Sept. 14) got more

than they could have dreamed of when, at the conclusion of NIN's hour-long

set, a performance of Bowie's moody "Subterraneans" (off Low)

featuring Trent Reznor on sax (!!), Bowie strolled out and, with NIN as

backup band (Reznor moved to keyboards; guitarist Carlos Alomar from the

Bowie band joined NIN), the two of them sang "Scary Monsters." For the next

30 minutes, as the audience watched, transfixed, Bowie and Reznor performed

each others songs. After "Scary Monsters" came Reznor's "Reptile," with the

head NIN now on guitar, Bowie and Rez handling vocals. Right into "Hallow

Spaceboy," a track from Bowie's new Outside album (other members of

Bowie's band--guitarist Reeves Gabrels and bassist Gail Anne Dorsey--had

joined the NIN crew). The NIN band departed, and Bowie's band then performed

Reznor's "Hurt," with Bowie and Rez dueting. At this point Reznor left the

stage, and Bowie proceeded to perform for an hour and a half, playing much of

Outside, along with a very carefully chosen mix of mostly obscure

material from the early days: "Breaking Glass," "Joe the Lion," "Teenage

Wildlife," "Andy Warhol," "My Death" and a few others. For his re-entry into

relevance, Bowie is performing before a Blade Runner-influenced set

that draws from his current video (the mannequins). "Bizarre," was how

Bowie's publicist described the set. "It's extreme and very bold," he added.

"He's up there coming out of NIN and it's radical." To sum up the look in two

words: doom-glam.