INXS' Michael Hutchence Pays The Piper

INXS lead singer and one-time sex symbol

Michael Hutchence was fined the UK

equivalent of $621 for assaulting a photographer outside an English hotel,

according to Reuters. Hutchence was also ordered to pay costs and

compensation of almost $2,952. The news service reported that Hutchence was

looking nervous and constantly taking sips from a glass of

water in court; he pleaded guilty to assaulting a press photographer

outside a hotel where he had spent the night with girlfriend

Paula Yates, who is married to rock charity fund-raiser Bob

Geldof. He left supermodel Helena Christensen for Yates recently.

(Christensen, meanwhile, has been paired up with Oasis' Liam Gallagher,

although she seemed quite interested in the young members of Supergrass at

the MTV Awards earlier this week.) Hutchence denied a second charge of using

threatening and abusive behavior in March and this was dismissed by

magistrates in the southern English town of Maidstone. The singer and Yates

had been harassed over dinner the night before the assault by journalists at

adjoining tables in the restaurant, the court heard.