Star-Studded Help Album Completed

ATN UK correspondent Stuart Green reports: All the tracks are in, the masters

have been cut and are on their way to

Blackburn for pressing. The Help project, the charity album to aid the

Bosnia War Child fund, is on schedule. But NATO warplanes continue to bomb

Serb positions on the outskirts of Sarajevo. The album will hit the shops as

planned on Sunday. No one has any idea when the Serbs will withdraw.

The KLF have come out of retirement in the guise of the K Foundation and

pieced together a musical collage composed from the theme tune to the

Magnificent Seven, a jungle beat and sampled eastern European voices. Paul

Weller has recorded a soulful version of the Beatles classic, "Come

Together," with Noel Gallagher and surprise guest Paul McCartney. The Manic

Street Preachers entered the studio for the first time as a three piece and

an unlikely version of Burt Bacharach's "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"

is the result. Neneh Cherry has worked over Janis Joplin's "Ball and

Chain," while Suede have had a go at the Elvis Costello tune,

"Shipbuilding." The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, fresh from celebrating their

number one album, has joined the Chemical Brothers for a version of "Time

For Living." Producer and patron Brian Eno is in promising collaboration

with the most popular band in Sarajevo, Massive Attack. Portishead

contribute the appropriately titled "Mourning Air." The Boo Radley's have

written and recorded a song in one day, as have Radiohead - the title of

the Boos' track is "Oh Brother." Ex-Special and Fun Boy 3 member Terry Hall,


with Salad's Marina on "Dream A Little Dream Of Me." Terrorvision maintain

their sense of humour with the track, "Tom Petty Loves Veruca Salt." Blur's

offering, "I Love You," was written five years ago by Damon Alabarn.

"Sweetest Truth" by The Stereo MCs is another new song written especially

for the album. The Levellers were the last to finish their track, "Search

Lights." The Stone roses have recorded a tune, unsurprisingly details are

not yet forthcoming. From what we've heard on the radio, it all sounds very


What is promising to be the biggest charity

record since Band Aid will receive a U. S. release on October 17th via London

Records. War Child have just registered as a charity in the U.S. Their first

fund-raiser will be an art exhibition to be held in New York in January

curated by Laurie Anderson.

There will definitely be no Band Aid-style concert to go with the Help


as War Child want to keep pressing the message home with a series of

singles that can be released over time. However, Brian Eno will sing in

public for the first time in twenty years when he joins Bono, The Edge and

Pavarotti at the "Pavarotti and Friends" concert to be held in Modena,

Italy, on September 12. They will sing "Miss Sarajevo" a song written by

Eno, Bono and The Edge during their recent stint in the studio. Proceeds

from the concert, held annually, will go to War Child. Pavarotti joins Eno

as the charity's patron and Lady Di has said she'll come to the gig.

There are already signs that Help is a success. The money given as an

advance by the British label, Go Discs!, has been distributed in Sarajevo

and the bakeries are currently working at full capacity. Funds have also

been committed to a Mother/child health care programme to take care of

refugees in Travnick.