Wire's Colin Newman Drops By

Colin Newman of the extremely influential late '70s English punk band Wire

dropped by the London Records office in New York the other day. One of

our sources was there, of course, and filled us in on the following. Newman is

modest, gracious, charming and self-depreciating, but not in a deliberate

way. He's just genuinely modest. When he was asked how he feels about bands

like Elastica copping Wire's sound, he said he thought it was quite

interesting that they'd do that. "When we first came out a lot of people

hated us, especially in England," Newman said. "So many people hated us 20

years ago. To feel that a lot of people like us now is very nice and cool and

even a bit funny." Newman noted that a lot of the young English bands do

mention their influences in the UK press, which he appreciates; he's aware

that people are saying nice things about Wire and the Buzzcocks and all. He

runs his own label now, Swim Records and a recording studio, Swim Studios i

London. He still makes records, is married and is raising a kid and,

according to our source "looks fantastic."