Forget Lollapalooza, Patti Smith Now Rules World

Photo by Bruce Giffin

ATN New York correspondent Seth "Wildman" Mnookin attended the Lollapalooza

'95 show at Randall Island on Friday (July 28). As soon as he staggered into

his New York apartment, shortly before passing out, he filed this report:

Just got home...4:40 am. lollapa-hell. avoid it at all costs if you can. i

was forced to leave 1/2 through sonic youth's set because the thought of

trying to get off an island with 70,000 other people (most of whom i was not

feeling friendly towards) turned my stomach.

patti smith: horses was the second album that i owned, and when i heard rumor

of her playing i hung around 2nd and 3rd stages for some hours. people in

press tent denied she was playing, and, finally at 5, i went to watch cypress

hill, to see how the 99% white audience would react to the token (pun

intended) black band. needless to say, she played from a little past five

until 5:40.

this info i got: she started out with readings, took off her shoes, had three

piece band with her (d, b, g) [Editor's note: Patti performed with Lenny Kaye

on guitar, Tony Shanihan on bass and Jay Dee Daugherty on drums]. Courtney

Love, Kim Gordon, rest of Sonic Youth, Beck, Jeff Buckley (not performing in

lolla) and lady k from Deee-Lite all there to see her. people crying in

audience, most moving performance of show, or so i'm told. did "so you wanna

be a rock and roll star" (byrds) and "power to the people" as set closer

which she dedicated to fred "sonic" smith with fist in air when she

dedicated. Eric, from Damnbuilders (2nd stage for a week or so) said most

moving performance he's ever seen. small, intimate crowd, people clutching

themselves, in tears. C. Love thanked her on-stage before Hole played. that's

all i've been able to get so far...and extracting every bit of information is

as painful as extracting teeth. a day filled with drunken, sunburned, sweaty

moshers throwing bottles of liquid...i needed to see patti smith, badly. so

typical that in my quest to capture everything, i missed the thing that

mattered me, anyway.

other news, in brief: on mainstage, only alternative to anything was

pavement, who, after hours of 4/4 full-steam ahead thrash time music, played

an hour of straight-ahead, gorgeous country rock. crowd was totally

mystified, and decreased by perhaps 30% during pavement's set. it was

beautiful, and brilliant.