Say It's your Birthday: Rush's Geddy Lee

Today is the birthday of Geddy Lee, the wailing singer/bassist for the

Canadian prog rock band Rush. Rush was a power trio formed in Toronto, Canada

in 1969. According to it's members, the band was inspired by Led Zeppelin,

Cream, and Jimi Hendrix. Originally comprised of guitarist Alex Lifeson,

bassist Geddy Lee and original drummer John Rutsey--later replaced by the

poetic Neil Peart. According to The All Music Guide, "their first

three albums were rather pedestrian hard rock, but the addition of Peart in

1974 prodded the group into a more complicated heavy art-rock mode: King

Crimson and Yes meet Led Zeppelin." "Trees" from their #47 Hemispheres

album released in 1978 was a controversial radio hit, being that it dealt

with the Quebec secessionist movement. Their Permanent Waves album

contained two substantial hits with "Freewill " and "Spirit of The Radio"

began the golden period for the band, which peaked with the 1981 follow-up

Moving Pictures. Rush briefly flirted with a more synthesized sound,

sublimating the band's natural interplay. But fortunately they regained their

stride and continue to churn out consistent hard prog rock that enchants the

converted. Among the group's biggest fans are the members of Primus. It is

also the birthday of Patti Scialfa (Mrs. Bruce Springsteen) and John Sykes

(White Snake).