Rancid: Keeping The Wolves From The Door

Rancid will unleash their next album And Out Come The Wolves on an

unsuspecting public on August 22. Produced by Jerry Finn and engineered by

Michael Rosen, And Out Come The Wolves was recorded at Fantasy Studios

in Berkeley, California and Electric Ladyland in New York. They'll begin a

European tour in September to promote this third release for Epitaph, and

won't begin an American tour until October. Next stop on the Rancid bulldozer

is a tour of Japan in November, followed by Australia in December. Some of

the cuts on the album--none topping the three minute mark--are "Power,"

"Junkie Man, ""Journey to The End Of The East Bay," "Roots Radical," "Daly

City Train," and "Time Bomb," which will be released as the band's first