We Want Primus' "Big Brown Beaver" On MTV!

MTV has relegated Primus' video for "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" to the late

shift. The video is only being shown after midnight, on "Alternative Nation."

According to an Interscope Records video promotion man, MTV's "Standards and

Practices" committee felt the video, or at least the title of the video,

conveyed a sexual double entendre, and thus was not suitable for viewing by

minors during the daylight hours. Before this decision was made, the video

had been reviewed and the group was asked to make two edits. First, the line

"...and he candied up his nose" had to go. Next, the word "smell," as in

"Recognize that smell? Smells like seven layers" was history. Primus made the

edits. A source familiar with the situation said the group was surprised that

after the edits, MTV then chose to relegate the video to a total of 4 or so

plays a week after the midnight hour. We understand that Les Claypool himself

took pen in hand and wrote a letter that was delivered to six MTV execs. We

don't know what the content of the letter was, other than some kind of

attempt to get MTV to reconsider. One source told us that "the band has

attempted to clarify why the video is not being played during the day--and to

make it clear that the concept is fun and harmless and not meant to embarrass

anybody." Apparently the effect of the letter, sent in mid-June, was that the

weekly video rotations were upped to 10. Meanwhile, "The Box" is airing the

unedited version of the video, and it's that channel's #2 rock video at the

moment. We think it's rather hypocritical of MTV to be keeping the video out

of daytime rotation due to it's content, while running T & A shows like

"Miami Grind," Aerosmith videos that show balding old men lusting after

teenage girls, a video that has a young woman removing her panties, Kennedy

wearing black panties and a bra under a see-through dress and the Alanis

Morissette video, in which, despite an edit, you can still hear her sing "Are

you thinking of me when you fuck her?" Come on guys, what's the problem with

"Wynona's Big Brown Beaver"? Couldn't be that some female movie star

complained about it. No, MTV would never let a star push it around, would it?

Neither MTV president Judy McGrath nor anyone at the Primus office were

available for comment.