No Lollapalooza For Alanis Morissette

We hear that after Sinead O'Connor bailed out of Lollapalooza, but before

Elastica were asked to fill in, the powers that be asked Alanis "You Oughta

Know" Morissette to replace Ms. O'Connor for the duration. Not bad for an

artist that, say four or five weeks ago, no one had ever heard of. Course all

has changed since the provocative singer/songwriter who records for Madonna's

label (yeah, it all makes sense now, right?) became an MTV rising star. Are

they playing the video 47 times a day or what? Anyway, Morissette's

management passed on the Lollapalooza gig. Seems they want to let her

continue to play small clubs (like San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill), which

sell out and allow her to play to an intimate crowd. Lucky break for

Elastica, we think.