True Confessions From Gene's Martin Rossiter

Shoes make the man. At least according to England's "Next Big Thing,"

the band called Gene. Leader Martin Rossiter told ATN that the reason

he formed a band with guitarist Steve Mason, was because of Mason's

shoes. His

shoes, we asked innocently. "Yes, you can tell everything about

someone by

the shoes they're wearing," Rossiter said in an interview during the

group's visit to San Francisco the other day. Then, perhaps due to the

quizzical expression we were giving him, he added, "And their hair

cut." Rossiter's rather peculiar method of choosing a band mate

certainly worked for him, since Gene has been flying high since


in December of 1992. Often accused of heralding style over substance,


has just released Olympian, in America to great acclaim,


both style and substance in equal measure. Olympian debuted at

number two in the UK and offers intelligent, articulate lyrics served


with compelling pop melodies. According to Rossiter "Left-Handed" is a

"metaphor for my sexuality. It's simply that I'm attracted to both men


women." he says unabashedly, in perfectly cultured tones that defy

contradiction. He also revealed that London police confiscated the


cut of their video for "Sleep Well Tonight." The film crew had

inadvertently captured a man getting beat up, while they were filming


video, and the police needed it for evidence in the case. Gene was

only too

happy to comply.