AC/DC Blow A Fuse

Rick Rubin is no longer producing AC/DC. This proved to be the album


hell. First off during the recording, Angus Young's brother-in-law was

seriously ill

and Angus and his brother Malcolm had to fly back to Australia to be

at his

bedside. When they came back to Los Angeles they were ready to get

down to

work, but their producer, the infamous president of American Recording

( a

label they're not even signed to!) pissed them off royally. Rubin told


band to set up, and then told them, "If you need me, you can reach me

on my

cellular phone. I'll be at the Rainbow." For all we know, he could

still be

there, since AC/DC blew a fuse, so to speak, and fired him as soon as


heads stopped spinning. Malcolm Young is now twisting the knobs for


album which will be out sometime next year.