Neil Young's Fireside Chat

Photo by Jay Blakesberg

For those of us seated on the leather couches at the Music Annex, a recording

studio about 40 minutes south of San Francisco, it was like attending one of

F.D.R.'s Fireside chats. Only the words of wisdom were coming from Neil

Young. The occasion was an Album Network syndicated radio interview

conducted last night (June 20) by ATN columnist Dave Marsh. Young was playful

throughout much of the interview. When Marsh asked about sin and religion

being themes in the album, Young replied. "Sin? I was talking about synths.

Synthesizers." Nearly the entire album was previewed for the first time, and

when the first song, Big Green Country began, Young, attired in a

plaid flannel shirt, high-top boots and white sweat pants led out a loud "All

right!" About Pearl Jam Young told Marsh: "They're just a great rock 'n' roll

band... They can really pound it. But they can lighten up too. We didn't

lighten up much on this album... We made [Mirror Ball] out of the love

of making music." More on this Friday.