Say It's your Birthday: Chris Spedding

Today is the birthday of Chris Spedding born in Sheffield, England in

1944. The all-around British session guitarist, he played on along

list of albums. His own group, the Sharks, was formed in 1972 with

Free bassist Andy Fraser. It never really got off the ground,

disintegrating in November 1974. In 1975 he toured with John Cale and

began releasing singles--having a minor hit with the punk bubble gum

opus, "Motorbiking." As a sessionman, Spedding has been prolific and

catholic in his choices. He's worked with Lulu, Gilbert O'Sullivan,

Roy Harper, Dusty Springfield , David Essex, and Donovan--although his

most bizarre affiliation was as a member of Wombles. Spedding not only

played on the records but donned the furry disguise and went on Top

Of The Pops. He is also notorious for declining an offer to

replace Mick Taylor in the Stones. Perhaps his most notable

association was playing on Bryan Ferry's records. it is also the

birthday of Dean Martin and M.C. Escher.