Say It's your Birthday: Motown producer Lamont Dozier

Today is the birthday of Lamont Dozier, born on this day in Detroit,

Michigan in 1941. Dozier's musical career got off to an early start.

He was raised by musical parents, and became a member of the church

choir at an young age. He first recorded at 15, but his success came

as a songwriter for the Motown Corporation. He met Brian Holland in

1961 and they formed a song writing team. When Brian's brother Eddie

joined, they became Holland, Dozier, Holland, and eventually were

known worldwide as one of the best song writing teams, period. They

wrote and produced a profusion of hits recorded by Marvin Gaye, the

Supremes, the Temptations, the Four Tops and many, many others. In

1968, Brian and Lamont left Tamla Motown to form their own company,

and later returned to singing themselves. It is also the birthday of

Patrick Waite (Musical Youth), and Malcolm Mortimer (Gentle Giant),

and Ian Mosley (Curved Air/Marillion).