Joey Ramone's Road Report: Eating Out On The Road

ATN special correspondent Joey Ramone reports: Thursday, May 25.

Indianapolis, Indiana. We [the Ramones] were in Indianapolis, the

weekend of the Indianapolis 500. We stayed at the Radisson Plaza.

Outside of the hotel, there were two Formula One racing cars that were

going to be in the race. So Marky asked if he could sit in one, and

they let him. We filmed him with his own video camera sitting in the

car. He's been carrying this video camera with him since the '80s. (He

must be tired.) And he has amazing archival footage of Ramones

history. We played at the Vogue Theater. The band that opened us for

us was called the Dirt Merchant. I thought they were a great band,

really unique and original. They were punk with a discordant jazz

flavor, with a girl singer. It was kinda cool. I was impressed.

On Friday May 26, "band and crew drive to Madison, Wisconsin 341

miles."(Separately). I'm giving you a geography lesson, right off my

itinerary. It was a day off. That was a travel day, that was no "day

off," riding six hours in a van. When we're riding in the van we have

a morning ritual. Where we drive an hour in the direction that we're

headed. We stop at the first Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans restaurant we

come to on the road. It's not really a democratic decision because we

all love them. It's like really good home cooking. It's funny,

on the way to Indianapolis we were waiting in line, because it's a

very popular place, the Cracker Barrel. We're waiting for a table, and

there's a bunch of guys that looked like that were probably musicians

(laughs). So one guy says to me: "So the Ramones eat here, too." I

got talking to him and it turns out he's in the Melvins. Dale Crover,

the drummer. He's the one with the dirty blond hair. The other one

wears a big, big hat. Buzz. He seemed okay. I heard that Crover used

to play with Nirvana. I think he drummed on Bleach. Anyway,

back to the restaurant. I said: "yeah, this place is great. "

"Yeah we like Bob Evans too." Crover said, "We like Bob Evans better

because of the gravy."

That was an eventful day. When we eat, it could be breakfast or lunch,

and then the drive after that, it could be hours and hours. Me, I love

their catfish. I'm a catfish boy. I never even knew about catfish

until we played the South. About everyday I ate catfish on the road.

Also, in all the Cracker Barrels they have this gift shop when you

walk in, that looks out of the '50s. There's always an anecdote at the

Cracker Barrel. Tales from the Cracker Barrel. The last time we were

there our waitress came up to us and said: "I know you guys are in a

band. Are you in the Motorheads?"

We laughed and said, "No, Led Zeppelin..."

CJ and I listen to our Walkmans, and John listens to the ball game.

Mark reads car manuals. He's a car fanatic. We all read USA

Today. The conversation usually is about business, baseball,

cars, engines, tires, rock and roll, politics, or whatever... What do

we listen to? Well usually we have the oldies station on while we're


To be continued...