Patti Smith Meets R.E.M. And Prepares To Record New Album

Patti Smith, who doesn't own an R.E.M. album, was Michael Stipe's guest at

R.E.M.'s show in Detroit on June 7. She brought along her son, Jackson, local

chanteuse Carolyn Striho, and producer Freddie Brooks to the show.

Apparently, Patti was enchanted, describing the show as like "going to a

party." The following night Patti returned the favor, inviting Stipe and the

rest of the band to her show at the Industry in Pontiac, Michigan. R.E.M.,

who always warm up their audience with tapes of Patti Smith songs, were

equally enchanted, and vowed to "do this again real soon." Patti is doing

pre-production on her upcoming album for Arista, her first since 1988's

Dream of Life. Recording will take place in New York, and it looks

like ATN contributing editor Lenny Kaye (who was guitarist in the Patti Smith

Group and producer of Suzanne Vega's "Luka") will handle the production

chores. Patti will be appearing on July 5 at the Phoenix Concert Theater in

Toronto, Canada for two shows. It'll be the first time since her husband Fred

"Sonic" Smith's death last fall, that she'll be appearing under her own name,

rather than as a "special guest."

File this in the "worth noting" category: Michael Stipe recently revealed to

Q Magazine in Britain (for their feature on "The Record That Changed

My Life"), that Patti Smith's Horses "was the real one for me." Stipe

told the reporter that "I was too young to experience the Stooges, Dolls or

Velvets. I was listening to what was on the radio--Ted Nugent, Tommy Bolin,

mid-dreck period Rolling Stones. Suddenly Patti Smith comes along and it was

like a fucking piano landed on my head. I was a teenager, and I was so moved

I couldn't sleep, I was sick to my stomach from the impact. It was

unbelievable--my life was completely changed by rock 'n' roll." Hey Michael,

you're not the only one.