Rapper Tone Loc Beats The Rap, We Think

It looked like rapper Tone Loc was in the clear on a 1994 pizza parlor

robbery when the Los Angeles district attorney's office dropped the

charges. But the rapper now faces an indictment returned last Monday

and sealed until his arraignment June 15, the district attorney's

office said. Loc, 29, whose hits include "Wild Thing," was arrested

Oct. 7 for allegedly taking $80 from a cash register in a dispute over

a pizza. Anchovies on a pie can sometimes make the most steadfast

patrons turn ugly. In this case, when Loc discovered anchovies on his

pizza, he allegedly hit the shop's owner and demanded his money back.

On June 7, a Municipal Court judge had announced that the charge had

been dropped. Sources speaking on condition of anonymity said that the

new indictment involves the same case. Prosecutors sometimes seek

grand jury indictments instead of a Municipal Court preliminary

hearing to speed up the legal process. Last month the rapper was fined

$1,350 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service for

smashing a woman's car windows with a baseball bat. Maybe he thought

thrashing the pizza maker was a community service. Next time he should

order in.