Neil Young Tells ATN Pearl Jam Will Back Him For August European Tour

ATN worldwide exclusive: Pearl Jam will definitely back Neil Young

when he tours Europe this August. Young told us this during an

exclusive interview with ATN yesterday (June 12). ATN had reported in

early May that, according to our sources, Pearl Jam would serve as

Young's backing band for U. S. and European tours. This was the first

confirmation from Young himself of the collaboration. And what about

the U.S.? "I don't have a tour in the U.S.," Young said. "Yet," we

responded. Remaining poker-faced, he said, "Right." Which we

interpreted as meaning that, yes, Pearl Jam will likely back him if he

chooses to tour the U. S. in the late fall. And if Mirror Ball

is as big a seller as we think it will be, why wouldn't he tour the U.

S. ? We also told Young we had been told that he would be making

unannounced guest appearances at some of this summer's Pearl Jam

shows. "Yeah, I don't have their itinerary right now," he said, cagey

as ever. "We'll see what happens. I know I want to go hear them." As

for performing live with Pearl Jam (the group backed Young last week

in Seattle; see story below), Young got animated, raving about making

music with them in the studio, and expressing excitement in

anticipation of touring with them. He explained that working with them

so far had been a great experience. "And I'm not used to playing with

them yet," he said. "When they start reading my body language over

months or weeks of playing together--it's still a new experience.

We're just breaking that in."