Rod Stewart Won't Fly His Freak Flag

Call him Rod the Mod, Rod the Disco Bod, even Rod the drunken Sod,

just don't call Rod Stewart a hippie. "Me and Woody (Ron Wood) really

avoided all that," his Rodship told NME about the early days

barnstorming up and down the West coast with the Jeff Beck in '67. "We

hated it. It was just wimpy. It wasn't gutsy. First time we

played the Fillmore, everybody came and all the bands had caftans.

Beck had a fucking caftan! And me and Woody came out in crushed velvet

trousers, all that flower power business was one fashion we always

steered clear of.

"We used to play a lot of gigs with all those stupid lights going

round," Stewart continued. "It actually used to make me throw up: If

I'd had too much to drink I'd want to vomit. They had all this paint

splattered on a screen, and they they'd blow it up on the wall and

it'd all mingle round, all this bollocks going on. I was never into


Luckily for Stewart, the Jeff Beck Group was spared having to play

Woodstock at the last moment. "Yea! I know he'll deny this, but Jeff

thought his gardener was knocking his old lady off and he had to go

home. Otherwise we'd have played it. I'm glad we didn't do it."