The Age of Aquarius, Part II: Concert Features Return of Fifty Foot Hose

Aquarius Records is one of the coolest music stores in San Francisco,

but a contribution to local culture doesn't help when the taxman comes

calling to collect back taxes run up when the store was under

different management. So Aquarius put on a benefit concert on

Saturday, June 10, at the San Francisco club Bottom of the Hill, with

help from Bay Area musician friends, including Barbara Manning,

American Music Club frontman Mark Eitzel and the psychedelic band

Fifty Foot Hose (which hadn't performed in 26 years).

Eleven acts played a few songs each, and styles ranged from

angst-ridden alternative folk (Mark Eitzel) to Latin rhythms (El

Camino). Both of those acts captivated the audience, and Barbara

Manning was even spotted dancing enthusiastically to the latter. Other

highlights included the duo Virginia Dare, which played a too-short

set of catchy songs in a lo-fi style, and Franklin Bruno, who

delivered an affecting set of angular power-pop.

Best of all was Fifty Foot Hose, which closed the concert with a set

of improvisational psychedelic noise. Though the band used odd

instrumentation-including a tuba that barely fit on the Bottom of the

Hill stage, its sound recalled noise-rock pioneers Captain Beefheart

and the Magic Band, more than Grateful Dead inspired psychedelic

balladeers like Phish.