"Trip-hop is Bullshit" Says Tricky Mastermind

If you're the kind of person who pays attention to trends, you

probably already know that the so-called Bristol Sound has been tagged

"trip-hop," since it mixes elements of druggy ambient with hip-hop

elements. Well let one of the movement's leaders, 27-year-old Adrian

Thaws (who goes by the name Tricky) wise you up. "There ain't no

Bristol sound and trip-hop is bullshit," he told our favorite L. A.

Times writer, Lorraine Ali recently. "People are afraid to put out

music and have it judged for what it is, so instead they use a trendy

name to give it an identity. It's not Bristol or trip-hop, it's that

they don't know who they are." All of which sounds like much ado about

nothing to us. After all, there is a commonalty between the sound of

Tricky's Maxinquaye and Portishead's Dummy. Both use

creative samples to back the ethereal singing of female vocalists. But

whatever you call it (or don't) something special is happening in

Bristol these days. Although Trick features the singing of Martina

Toppley-Bird, it is clearly Thaws solo project, with Toppley-Bird

appearing as just another element in the mix. Thaws, who was formerly

with Massive Attack, is nothing if not opinionated and outspoken.

"It's not rap, it's not poetry," he told Ali. "I don't know what it

is, it's more like talking, communicating. The words aren't so basic,

but my style really is. I always use the first stuff I put down in the

studio and leave in all the mistakes."

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