Oops, Wrong Bodeans' Album

OK, so we blew it. We got some e-mail from someone who really went

off, Something about "get a clue." Problem was that we said the

Bodeans' new album is Go Slow Down. As everyone knows, that's

an old Bodeans' album. These things do happen. Someone was

sleepwalking, and it wasn't our very talented and charming news

editor, who was off on assignment at the time the error was made.

Anway, the new Bodeans' album is called Joe Dirt Car. It's a

live album, a two CD set, and it includes cool versions of "Say About

Love," "Naked," "Ballad of Jenny Rae" and "Paradise." Meanwhile,

Reprise Records and ATN have created a Bodeans' game that you can

download and mess around with. The game is available in both Mac and

PC formats. It can be accessed from the "Table of Contents" and heavy

graphics "cover" page of ATN. It's a blatant promotional item, but one

created exclusively for ATN and available only here within our groovy

:) little magazine. We've been fans of the Bodeans for years. Check

out the game. You might even win a prize. Things could be worse.

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