ATN Australian correspondent Alex Jackson reports: Australian band Custard,

who decided they were "too plain" to star in one of

their own music videos, so hired models to play their parts, are heading to

the U.S. The quirky Brisbane-based pop band, who have been together since

1991, hired

models to appear in last year's video for "Aloha Tambourinist," the first

single from their major label debut Wahooti Fandango. The band are now

planning a trip to the US next month to record their

follow-up album with Eric Drew Feldman, formerly of Captain Beefheart and the

Magic Band. Custard met Feldman when they opened for Frank Black's

Australian tour last year. "He played bass in Frank Black's band and said he

would like to produce a

record for us," says singer-guitarist David McCormack.

McCormack says Custard plan to head for San Francisco for six weeks and hope

to fit in some gigs between recording. Wahooti Fandango will

apparently be

released in the US around that time. "The album's coming out on Atlantic, or

that's what they tell me. We will

probably get there and have to come straight back," says the optimistic

McCormack. "But we're not so concerned about if we play or the recording, we

just want to have a look around."

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