Rage Against Machine Turns On Itself

Rage Against Machine's management announced last week that the band have

regrouped following bitter arguments that led to them effectively splitting

up for the last four months. (Who knew?) After spending almost a year in the

studio working on their second album, a series of violent confrontations about

the direction the band should be moving in led the Machine to scrap the

twenty tracks they had been working on, according to an account in Melody

Maker. We should have been tipped off, because recently the various

members have been working on their own separate projects. Guitarist Tom

Morello has been spending time writing a book, while vocalist Zack De La Rocha

has been singing with various bands in Los Angeles. But all is forgiven, and

the band's management announced that: "After a temporary split and cooling

off period, they've reconciled their differences and got back together

again." The new album, produced by the esteemed and very busy Brendan

O'Brien is now going to be released in December. They don't call 'em Rage

Against the Machine for nothing!