Life's A Bitch And Then You Dre

The infamous Dr. Dre was surprised by a process service last month,

bearing the news that the dear doctor had been hit with a ten million

dollar palimony suit by a woman who claims to have been his live-in

girlfriend. The plaintive, Vivan Leone Morgan, also intends to file a

paternity suit against the rapper. She is the mother of Dre's

four-month old daughter, Summer Dawn. Dre's lawyer, David Kenner (whom

he share's with his pal, and label mate, Snoop Doggie Dogg)

acknowledges that Dre is the father of the child, and that he intends

to provide for her. On the issue of Morgan, Kenner says she was not

Dre's live-in love, but instead just someone whom he dated

occasionally--refuting the grounds for a palimony suit. Morgan insists

otherwise, and has retained the celebrated palimony lawyer, Marvin

Mitchelson. The word is that Dre isn't really sweating this one, and

instead is concentrating on watching his "Keep Their Heads Ringin'"

from the Friday soundtrack, starring Ice Cube, totter up the

charts. So when's the next Dre and Snoop albums going to drop? We'll

let you know as soon as we know.