London Police Give Up Search For Manic Street Preacher, Richie Edwards

The Manic Street Preachers began rehearsing for the first time since

the disappearance of Richey Edwards on February 1. According to

NME, the three remaining Manics--James Bradfield, Nicky Wire,

and Sean Moore-- met at Soundspace Studios, in Cardiff from May 8 to

May 12. The reason for the rehearsals was to ascertain what it felt to

play together following Edwards' disappearance. The band have also had

extensive meetings with their manager and record company to discuss

their future--and they've been understandingly reluctant to share any

of those plans. The latest report from sources close to the band is

that they are considering the possibility of touring and recording as

a three-piece. However they won't be making any definite plans for

some months.

The police hunt for Richey Edwards has officially been called off. PC

Tom Gorringe, of the Harrow Street Police station said: "We are not

investigating anymore and Mr. Edwards is no nearer to being found.

He's over eighteen so he's entitled to go missing. We have no reason

to believe he has committed suicide." Gorringe said officers have

received more than 100 pieces of information regarding Edwards,

although none has provided "strong or positive" leads. "We are still

receiving two or three calls a week, but a lot of them are crank

calls. If anybody does provide a definite lead we will follow it up,

but at the moment there's nothing." Edward disappeared on February 1

after walking out of the Embassy Hotel in Bayswater Road, West London

on the eve of the traveling to America. His car was spotted at the

Auste Service Station near the Severn Bridge on February 14 and there

have been no clues since. His bank account has not been touched since

he went missing. There have been numerous rumors circulating about

Edward sightings, which have been pooh-poohed by Manic's manager

Martin Hall. Now about those Elvis sightings...