Snoop Doggie Dogg's School Daze

As we reported weeks ago, Snoop Doggie Dogg is pursuing a higher

education. Today we got further details that rap's baddest boy is

taking classes through UCLA Extension. Currently he has a tutor coming

to his home, to bring him up to speed on his studies, so he can

complete his breadth requirements, and eventually get a joint degree

in criminal law and business. According to a spokesperson at Death Row

Records, "UC asked him not to attend classes, because they were afraid

that he'd be mobbed, so that's why he's going to work at his studies

at home. Snoop is well into his studies, but he isn't yet taking

classes in criminal law--that's what he's aiming for. But he is doing

it and that's a fact, because he intends to start his own company in

the future." Good news from the Dogg Pound.