Exclusive: Batman Forever Album Cover Art

As we told you last month, the first single from the Batman

Forever soundtrack is U2's "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,"

which will only make you lament that the band is taking so long with

their follow-up to Zooropa. (Are we the only ones that are

impatient?) U2's spokesperson told us there is a strong rumor that the

band would enter the studio in two weeks, telling us that "the band

has been known to take off a couple of weeks before they lock

themselves in the studio. "Two weeks!" we snorted, "Try two years."

Our ubiquitous spokesperson tried to calm us down, speaking in

soothing tones as he said, "Well now that they know that they're about

to do it, they need to have a last fling before they get down to

business." During this final fling, the band got good news about the

fate of the club they own in Dublin. The Kitchen was abruptly closed

down last week, with nary a warning. U2 were doing extensive

remodeling to the site, and the club was staying open while the

renovations took place--playing a little fast and loose with their

building permits--so officials shut them down. According to Harry

Crosbie, the club's manager, the club is back open after he had his

day in court. The judge approved an extension application that would

allow dancing on the premises, but not without expressing his

reservations. He expressed his objections to the extension application

because he felt the club was unfit for dancing during remodeling.

Crosbie presented extensive evidence that the building was safe and

fit, and ultimately convinced the court. So less than twenty four

hours after the club was given it's official marching orders, it was

back up and running--and dancing was indeed happening again.