Say It's Your Birthday: Bangles Michael Steele

Today is the birthday of Michael Steele, member of the all-female Los

Angeles quartet that produced some exhilarating music, utilizing

impressive four-part vocal work on their generally buoyant power-pop

arrangements. According to The All Music Guide, at their

harmonic best the Bangles projected the exuberance of the Mamas &

Papas, approaching the rich density of the Byrds. Their first major

label effort, All Over The Place, was an absolute gem. Even

thought the Bangles achieved much greater success with subsequent

efforts, the band's charm became increasingly sanded out. After the

group disbanded in late 1989, primary lead singer Susanna Hoffs

pursued a rather uninspiring solo career. Steele was also the original

bassist of the Runaways, when they were a trio, going by the name of

"Mickey" Steele.