ATN Worldwide Exclusive: First Look at Neil Young Mirror Ball Artwork

ATN has obtained cover art for the Neil Young/Pearl Jam collaboration,

Mirror Ball, which will not be released until approximately

June 29. The artwork, reproduced here, is printed on a heavy

earth-tone cardboard stock. The cover is a high contrast photograph of

a mirror ball, the kind that was hung at the Fillmore West in San

Francisco during the early '70s. Young evokes that time period in

"Downtown," a rocking track off the album in which he sings, "Downtown

/ Hear the band playin'/ Downtown all right/ Jimi's playin in the back

room/ Led Zeppelin on stage/ There's a mirror ball twirling' and a

note from Page/ Like a water-washed diamond in a river of sin/ Gin''

down like a whirlwind/ When you get sucked in."

ALT="[Mirror Ball-cdC]"





Young apparently requested that a photo of the mirror ball that hung

at the Fillmore West be found for use on the album, but the image

eventually settled on was from a different location. The reference to

Led Zeppelin and a "note from Page" are not fiction. Young was given a

note by Page complimenting him on his playing, and the two have jammed

together in the past, according to an associate of the star. In

addition to the photo of the mirror ball, the artwork includes a high

contrast crowd shot. In fact, the mostly high velocity, ear crunching

rock 'n' roll on the album clearly lends itself to large concert

situations. And this is an album about community, and about how

individuals interact with each other on the planet, be it with brute

force, which the anti-intolerance anthem "Thrown Your Hatred Down"

addresses, or with love, artfully conveyed in the hooky "Peace and

Love," which is a real album highlight. We've also learned that during

the past months In other news from the Neil Young beat: Young

completed the soundtrack to the Jim Marmuch-Johnny Deep western,

Dead Man. The soundtrack mostly consists of wordless themes

performed on solo electric guitar. The film, shoe in album hip black

and white, recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in France, and

will, be released here in the fall.