Frank Kozik Reports on Garage Shock '95

ATN Graphics Guru (and, in our opinion, the coolest artist on the

planet) Frank Kozik reports from the scene of the crime. These are his

rough notes, scrawled on cocktail napkins and various xeroxed flyers:

For the fifth year running, Garage Shock, the brainchild of Estrus label

founder and Mono Men singer/lead guitarist Dave Crider, invades the

sleepy town of Bellingham, Washington (pop. 55,000). A total of 20

bands played the 3-B Tavern, an amazingly grungy wonderland of a 300

seat venue for four nights (May 25-May 28) of today's best surf and

garage music­­incredible performances. Tim Kerr's Lord High Fixers

(the legendary Big Boys co-founder's new band) stole the show for me

with the insanely beautiful Man Or Astro-Man? set on Saturday night

coming in a close second. Dude, I would say people in the lines

outside the 3-B sometimes waited three to four hours to get in. Hundreds

of disappointed people were turned away. They flew in from Japan, Denmark,

Sweden, all over the world. The weather was beautiful, the town

wondrous and accommodating. No real dogs in the line-up. Fashion on

parade. A real good solid four nights of killer fucking shit. New band

to watch for: The Go-Nuts, America's first snack-rock band

demonstrating the amazing Nut-Wagon ('62 Dodge customized Big Daddy

Roth-style). Highly customized. Go-Nuts, the cool new costumed super

hero snack food guys. Capt. Corn Nut, the Donut Prince, and their

sidekicks. If you didn't go to the Garage Shock this year, you just

may be out of luck. It has grown to such amazing proportions that it may

never happen again. I'd give it five stars. Band members hanging with

fans. The hardcore people of the surf and garage scene there having a

great time. All hotels filled up. People partying all over town.

Crider is the King of garage rock. His label Estrus is the most

amazing label ever known to man. Garage Shock has grown from like a

couple hundred people who knew each other going to a small show to a lot

of people showing up from all over the world. It will be legendary

someday. Reunion of the Untamed Youth occurred. Mono Men set was

really good. Nomads were really good. Man Or Astro-Man? were great.

Insanely high level of intensity I haven't seen since the old punk

days. Lord High Fixers. It's like if Charlie Patton went industrial.

It was rad. They stole it. Man's Ruin (Kozik's label) may do something

with them. Garage Shock also kicked off the Mono Men/ Nomads ten day

West Coast tour. It was definitely a special thing. Year's highlight

for the garage and surf set. Kozik over and out.

Mono Men / Nomads Tour Dates:

[Mono Men]






Thursday June 1 San Francisco Bottom of the Hill
Friday June 2 Long Beach Foothill w/Southern Culture on the Skids
Saturday June 3 Los Angeles Jabberjaw w/Southern Culture on the Skids
Sunday June 4 San Diego Casbah w/Southern Culture on the Skids
Tuesday June 6 Las Vegas Boomers
Wednesday June 7 Sacramento Press Club
Thursday June 8 San Francisco Kilowatt w/ Groovie Ghoulies
Friday June 9 Portland E. J.'s w/ Galaxy Trio
Saturday June 10 Seattle Moe w/ Galaxy Trio