Where Does She Find The Time: Kim Gordon Writes Movie Script

Kim Gordon has stolen some moments from Sonic Youth's opening slot on

the R.E.M. tour to work on a script that she is developing with Tamra

Davis, the high-profile video director who has directed videos for the

Beastie Boys (her husband's band; she's married to Mike D) and

Luscious Jackson, as well as the films CB4, Gun Crazy,

and Bill Madison. Friend of Davis and preeminent video

director himself, Spike Jonze is currently making time with Sofia

Coppola, the scene-making daughter of Francis Ford. Don't worry if he

can afford her. Besides the money he makes from his videos, and his

upcoming feature flick, Harold And The Purple Crayon, his real

name is Adam Spiegel, and he is heir to the Spiegel catalogue