A Puff Of Stinky Air

MTV news recently revealed that Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic appear

on three tracks of the upcoming Stinky Puffs album (recorded last

year at the Yo-Yo Festival in Olympia Washington)--the surviving

Nirvana members' first public appearance after Cobain's death. For the

uninformed, the Puffs are headed by ten year-old Stinky Simon, whose

formative toddler years were spent in at the headquarters of the

Residents' Ralph Records, where his mother (and future Stinky Puffs

drummer) Sheena was working. The other Puffs are producer Don Fleming

on guitar, and his friends Cody and Eric on guitar and bass

respectively. Stinky, who had formed a bond with Kurt Cobain ("I loved

him very much and I couldn't do anything to bring him back.") has been

recording songs since the age of four. On the Stinky Puffs' studio EP,

Something Smells Funny In Here, Stinky sings a tribute to his

departed friend, Cobain. "You said you were gonna send me some of your

drawings/ You said you wanted to record with the Stinky Puffs!" Simon

had originally hoped to visit Seattle to do some drawing with Kurt. We

can't wait for the album.