Love Child

What would the week be like without another Hole item. According to

the New York Daily News, Courtney Love is being investigated by

the Los Angeles Child Welfare Bureau. Somehow the Daily News got

hold of those findings, and published a portion of them. They reported

last week that there are "indications" that the bureau is "inching

closer to taking away her baby, Frances Bean." The article also

pointed out that although there have been no reports of child abuse,

"protection services might move in because of increasing reports of

Love's alleged neglect of Bean." This is not the first time that she

has had a run-in with this agency. Both Love and her late husband Kurt

Cobain were investigated following that infamous interview in

Vanity Fair two years ago, which alleged that she used heroin

while she was pregnant with Bean. In her second interview with

Vanity Fair, Love admits that she has used drugs since Cobain's

suicide. The portrait of Love painted by writer Kevin Sessums is a

disturbing one. In related news, Hole has been making their haphazard

way through Europe creating havoc in their wake. They again left the

stage prematurely, first in Glasgow, Scotland after their drummer,

Patti, was hit by a plastic beer glass. Then their Nottingham, England

show was cut short, due to a power failure after the band had only

performed ten songs.