AC/DC Tribute Album Due Soon In Australia

ATN Australian correspondent Alex Jackson reports: Everyone knows that

AC/DC have been recording a new album in Los

Angeles with Rick Rubin producing. Now we hear that the group is going

to get its due as an important influence on '90s rockers. Possibly two

AC/DC tribute albums could be released by summer's end. At the end of

the month Fuse Box - The Alternative Tribute will be released

in Australia. The album features AC/DC covers recorded by a stack of

hot new indie/alternative bands such as Front End Loader, Fur, and

Anti Anti plus more established names like Yothu Yindi, Ed Kuepper and

Don Walker. The CD will also have an interactive component. The album

is the brainchild of Chris Gilbey, senior vice president of A&R for

BMG Australia. Gilby arrived in Australia from England in 1977 and his

first job was A&R manager at Albert Productions when AC/DC were

starting out. He also managed the Saints at their punk peak in the

late seventies. There is also talk that a tribute album on a rival

label will be released mid-year.