Neil Young/Pearl Jam Expected To Tour US & Europe

ATN world-wide exclusive: Don't be surprised if Neil Young's backing

band for his summer tour of the US and Europe turns out to be Pearl

Jam. Neil and the members of Pearl Jam have been discussing this.

Both are very keen to tour together, with the Pearl Jam guys backing

Neil as they do on his upcoming album, Mirror Ball , which, as

we told you the other day, should be in stores June 27th. Our sources

also tell us that Neil is planning to make unannounced guest

appearances at five Pearl Jam shows this summer including the group's

Polo Field performance in San Francisco, and at the Austin and Chicago

shows. We are also told that one track on the album, "Fallen Angel

(Body Heat)," is a very short, extremely beautiful piece of music that

finds Young singing and playing organ; there are no other instruments

on that song. Apparently on "Peace & Love," one of the tracks on

Mirror Ball , Eddie Vedder sings on some of the verses along

with Neil, but is not the lead vocalist (as we had thought). It is

expected that if Pearl Jam does tour with Neil, a live album will be

recorded. That album will likely be released on Epic Records (the

label Pearl Jam records for), since Reprise Records (which Young records

for) is releasing Mirror Ball . While nothing is set in stone

yet, either in terms of Pearl Jam backing Young, or Young appearing at

the Pearl Jam shows, our source believes all of that will

happen. "Pearl Jam is going to tour as Young's backing band,"

said one of our sources. "Eddie wants to do it and Neil wants to do

it. That means they're going to do it."