Lollapalooza Travels The Info Highway

Perry Farrell is taking his annual music fest into the realm of

CD-ROMs, and will be calling it Teeth. The interactive CD-ROM

will incorporates both music and visual aspects of Lollapalooza 1995,

in what Farrell describes as a "cross between a cyber-kinetic

Lollapalooza souvenir and a CD-ROM interactive game such as Myst."

Included will be live concert footage, digital audio, graphics, film

clips, "surprise guest appearance," and animated set pieces divided

into twelve rounds, like in a boxing match (Has he been talking to

Morrissey?) Four separate adventures will comprise each round, with

players competing during each round, using riddles, Taoist proverbs,

and other clues. Among the featured will be Iggy Pop "creating havoc

du jour in the kitchen" and Cambridge physicist and space/time guru

Stephen Hawkins explaining such phenomena as chaos theory and black

holes. (But he can't explain Iggy)