ATN Correspondent Joey Ramone: Moonlight Over Milton


Note: The Ramones' mini-tour through the Eastern Seaboard

began auspiciously enough last week in New Haven, Connecticut to great

acclaim. Day two in Portchester, NY, the Ramones' good friends (newly

signed to Columbia Records for the big bucks) D-Generation opened for

them­­and somewhere between Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Milton,

Pennsylvania, Joey Ramone agreed to sign on as Addicted To

Noise's newest correspondent. Joey will be giving us weekly tour

up-dates, as well as just generally trolling for cool happenings in

and around New York. (Because of technical problems, Sunday's news was

not posted until late yesterday, so we are running Joey's column again

as our lead item today for everyone who didn't see it yesterday.)

Addicted To Noise Special Correspondent/Contributing Editor

Joey Ramone Reports: Moonlight Over Milton. Last Saturday, Easter

weekend, we played Milton, Pennsylvania, deep in the heart of the

Amish woodlands, at a place called Fiddlestyx. The club looked like

someone's house in the middle of nowhere. Sold out show, full moon,

packed with about 700 big psychotic-looking skinheads amongst others.

Yeah, we were all digging the show. It was a great night. "Oh by the

way, Happy Passover," I tell the crowd, cracking up. I couldn't

resist...Speaking of Green Day, I just got a fax from Billie Joe

Armstrong this week, faxing me a picture of the baby Joe. He's a

perceptive looking little thing. (ED: Is that because he was named

after you?) Billie Joe is talking about the two of us writing a song

together. But first I've got to finish this tour, and then the new

Ramones album comes out June 20, but it sounds like a good idea, it

could be fun. He mentioned that he recorded a version of "Outsider" by

himself that he wants me to hear...