Say It's Your Birthday: Peter Frampton


is the birthday of Peter Frampton, born in Beckenham, Kent in 1950.

After years of toiling away as an exceptional journeyman guitarist

and singer during the late '60s and early '70s, Peter Frampton struck

mega-platinum with a double live album titled Frampton Comes

Alive. The huge success of that album, coupled with Frampton's

pretty boy looks almost overshadowed his elegantly melodic

musicianship. The Herd was Frampton's first successful group, but he

gained much more visibility with the heavy English boogie band, Humble

Pie. Frampton left just when Humble Pie was becoming a major concert

draw and formed his own group Frampton's Camel, releasing four solo

albums. But it wasn't until Frampton Comes Alive that he really

broke big. This album was a neat summation his solo works; it also

became the biggest-selling live rock album in history. Frampton's next

studio album I'm In You was a hit, but a series of poor career

moves and a serious auto accident undermined his momentum. Frampton

continues to release periodic albums and tours regularly. It is also

the birthday of Glen Campbell, Charles Minus, and Jack Nitzsche.