Factory Records Founder Tony Wilson Drops In on IUMA and ATN

Imagine our surprise last week when the IUMA office door opened, and

in walked former Factory Records owner Tony Wilson, with a camera crew

in tow. Wilson, who discovered Joy Division and released their

ground-breaking albums including Closer, is the host of an

English TV show, and is currently touring the States reporting on the

intersection of music and technology. Wilson is quite Internet savvy,

and took a break from filming a segment on IUMA to show ATN and IUMA

staff several Manchester rock web sites. Wilson has recently started a

new label, Factory too, and if his track record means anything (he was

the first to release records by OMD and the Stone Roses, as well as

the band Joy Division metamorphosed into after Ian Curtis' death, New

Order), he'll be introducing some "must hear" bands to the world soon.

Meanwhile, Wilson's ex-wife, the charming Lindsay Reade (who some

believe was as important to Factory's success as Wilson) has joined

the ATN staff as our first UK correspondent. Look for her reports in

"Music News of the World."

Joy Division's album, "Unknown Pleasures."