Tori Amos Video Compilation Due

Piano-diva Tori Amos will release "Tori Amos: The Complete Collection:

1992-1998," a full-length collection of videos highlighting her six-year career, Tuesday.

The compilation, which draws from all four of Amos' albums and rare clips never

released in the U.S., includes "Silent All These Years," European versions of "Cornflake

Girl" and "Professional Widow," "Past the Mission," "China," "Raspberry Swirl," "Hey

Jupiter," "Spark," "Caught a Lite Sneeze," "Winter," "Talula," "God," "Crucify," "Jackie's

Strength," the U.S. version of "Cornflake Girl" and "Pretty Good Year." Also on deck is

Amos' new "Cruel"/"Raspberry Swirl" single, which includes new versions of the two

songs along with "Spark" and is due in stores Nov. 24.