Oasis Singer Avoids Charges In Photographer Incident

Police reportedly cited a lack of evidence in declining to pursue charges against Liam Gallagher.

Police in London will not pursue charges against irascible Oasis frontman Liam

Gallagher for attacking a photographer last week, according to the band's U.S. publicist,

Lisa Markowitz of Epic Records.

The band's U.K. management said in a statement that authorities cited a lack of evidence

in deciding not to pursue the case.

Gallagher was arrested Nov. 4 after free-lance photographer Mel Bouzad claimed the

singer destroyed his camera following a scuffle outside a London pub. "I approached

him to take a picture and he turned aggressive," Bouzad was quoted as saying by


A statement issued by Oasis' U.K. label, Creation Records, and Ignition Management

said British press reports that Gallagher had been on a drinking binge at the time of the

incident were unfounded. "Liam was confronted by Bouzad whilst having a quiet

afternoon drink with a couple of friends at a local Primrose Hill pub," the statement said.

Gallagher has no intention of filing a claim against the photographer, Markowitz said,

noting, "If he did that, he'd be in court every day. He moves on."

Oasis recently released an album of B-sides, called The Masterplan, which

includes the single "Acquiesce" (RealAudio excerpt).

The 26-year-old singer has grappled with camera-wielding people before. In March,

during the band's tour of Australia, 19-year-old British fan Benjamin Russell Jones

alleged that Gallagher head-butted him for trying to take his picture. Jones opted to seek

damages in British civil courts instead of pressing criminal charges.