Arm Vocal Reinstated On Soundtrack

Second pressings of the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack will feature a different version of Iggy Pop and the Stooges' song "T.V. Eye," according to producer Randy Poster of London Records. Last week, several members of the Wylde Ratttz -- the indie-rock supergroup behind the track -- complained that the version on the first pressing was an unmastered, inferior recording of the song. That version included an overdubbed vocal track by actor Ewan McGregor; in the glam-rock film currently in release, McGregor plays a singer named Curt Wild who is backed by the Wylde Ratttz, who include Mudhoney singer Mark Arm, members of Sonic Youth, producer Don Fleming and vocalist/producer Jim Dunbar. Arm's vocal will be used in place of McGregor's.