Radiohead Play To Premiere

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A play built around the lyrics of the British pop-band Radiohead will premiere in

Los Angeles on Thursday night. The play, "The Untitled Radiohead Project," involves

characters speaking unaltered lyrics from Radiohead's three full-length releases and

from B-sides, in a story following the character Thom (named after Radiohead leader

Thom Yorke), who drives through country streets late at night hoping to be

abducted by aliens. Marking the directorial debut of Dean Testerman -- who also

conceived the work -- the play will spend four weeks at the Hollywood Court Theatre

(with performances Thursdays through Saturdays) before proceeding on a North

American tour that will include stops in Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, Toronto,

Vancouver, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco and San Diego; information can be obtained

by calling (213) 368-8980.