Timbaland Solo LP Features Jay-Z, Others

Hot R&B and hip-hop producer Timbaland has lined up an all-star cast to

appear on his first solo album, Tim's Bio: From The Motion Picture: Life From Da

Basement. The 18-track album, due in stores Nov. 24, will feature rappers

Jay-Z ("Lobster & Scrimp"), Nas ("To My"), Mad Skillz ("Wit Yo'

Bad Self"), Magoo ("Here We Come" and "What Cha Talkin' Bout") and

Twista ("Who Am I"); R&B singers Kelly Price ("Talking on the Phone"),

Ginuwine ("Keep It Real"), Aaliyah ("John Blaze") and Playa

("Birthday"); and a lineup of little-known artists, including Mocha, Babe

Blue and Ludichris. The first single, "Here We Come," features Missy

Elliott, Magoo and Timbaland rhyming over the theme from the 1960s animated

"Spider Man" TV series.