Kingsmen Win 'Louie Louie' Royalties

Garage-rock legends the Kingsmen reportedly won a victory Monday in their legal battle to get paid for the 1963 hit song "Louie Louie" when the Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to an appellate-court ruling granting the musicians the rights to all royalties dating from the time they brought the lawsuit in 1993 and beyond. According to a Reuters report, the group's original suit claimed that the record companies that hold the rights to the recording, Gusto Records and GML Inc., never honored a contract that gave the group 9 percent of the record's profits and licensing fees. "Louie Louie" was first recorded in 1956 by its composer, Richard Berry, and has been covered by such artists as Paul Revere and the Raiders, Iggy Pop, Motorhead and the Kinks; the version by the Kingsmen remains the standard by which all others are measured.