Smooth Moves

The word that best describes this album is "smooth."

Smooth . . . it's something that's usually lacking from our lives these days. Seems like

everything's so hard, tough, rough; there's just too much friction, too

much uphill, too much push, too much strain at each and every

turn. Hell, in fact, just look right in front of you at the screen.Think about it: when's the last

time anything about your computer, your peripherals, your hardware, your

whatever operated smoothly? Better yet, examine your life -- what

the hell in your life is smooth anymore? Your friends, your job, your

plug-ins, any damn thing? My guess is: not much.

And wouldn't some smooth be nice? The smooth, say, of some

Tasty-Freeze flowing nice and clean outta the machine, swirling around and around right

down into your sugar cone? If you agree that there's just not enough smooth in your life

right now, take a listen to Fundamental.

Everything about this album is smooth: the music, the mix, the lyrics, Bonnie's voice,

the very sound itself. Fundamental sounds so damn good, so damn

smoooth that it's like your snowboard gliding on fresh powder

clean sun, or your surfboard all sex-waxed up. Yup, that's Fundamental -- free of

rough edges, free of all strain.

And even though this is pretty much the same-old-same-old from

Bonnie, you don't really care, 'cause this smoothness is

seductive. So seductive that it gives "easy listening" a good

name. You don't mind it, not even one little bit -- whether it's uptempo

("Blue For No Reason," "I Need Love") or down- ("Cure For Love," John

Hiatt's "Lover's Will").

Even her lyrical cohesion is smooth. All these songs are

about Bonnie's usual subject material: l-o-v-e. And when she talks about love, I'm not sure

she has the wisdom of the Talmud (or even "Women Are FromVenus, Men Are From

Mars") but she

does have a few good things to say.

So file down a few of those rough edges, lap up a little ice cream and take a listen.