We'll Always Have Paris

Dimitri From Paris will be your DJ for tonight. His specialty,

bedroom culture a la mode! Monsieur D. serves up a fizzy

cocktail of '60s spy-movie music and Franco-pop, drizzled with

samples of giggling French girls; zesty, cheesy stylophone;

and virtually every Gallic cliche imaginable. Voila! Tres


Imagine De La Soul prowling through the alleys and record bins

of Paris, or Stereolab on snails and silly pills. The range

and texture here is ingenious -- the segues are smooth and

satisfying, the samples are deft and witty. Dimitri has

discovered that the atmosphere in the house was getting boring,

and that you don't have to be boring to be smart.

Sacrebleu is not just a DJ or dance album. It can be


to carefully, or put on as background music for your next

affair ... assuming the bubbles don't go to your head!

The album kicks off with a prologue that welcomes us to the

"exciting world of hip." Some of the hipper highlights: "Sacre-

Francais," a knee-wobbling samba; a goofy version of Burt

Bacharach's "Nothing To Lose," complete with baby-cakes vocal

and flugelhorn; the thrift-shop collage of "Une Very Stylish

Fille"; the cheeseball swoon of "Le Moogy Reggae"; and the

Pulpesque/This Is Hardcore backing track sound-alike,

"Un World Mysteriouse."

The longer dance tracks, like the bogus TV theme song, "Dirty

Larry," and "Love Love Mode" wear thin off the dance floor

and in the living room, but even these have their surprising

moments if endured.

At the end of the party, there's a long, loving instrumental

reprise of "Nothing To Lose," which sends you off into the

night with a smile on your face, cigarette smoke in your

clothes and the kind of throbbing head that tells you a

good time was had: you think you did the mambo, there was

that special mademoiselle, and you'll always remember Paris ...

Viva la France! Merci! Beaucoup!