Springsteen Box Previewed

Bruce Springsteen, 2 Live Crew, Whitney Houston, Wu-Tang Clan, Keith Murray, R.E.M., Natalie Imbruglia...

Rocker Bruce Springsteen's highly anticipated box set, Tracks, isn't slated for release until Nov. 10, but a few fans will get a sneak preview of the collection Tuesday night at a listening party held at Manhattan, N.Y.'s Hard Rock Cafe. At the party, sponsored by New York rock-station WNEW-FM, contest winners will get to hear "not all, but a good portion" of the box set, according to an on-air statement by veteran WNEW DJ Scott Muni. WNEW world-premiered several songs from Tracks on Oct. 16 and has since been playing one of those songs regularly -- the catchy, early-'80s outtake "Where the Bands Are."

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