Spice Girls Talk New LP, Single

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British pop-group the Spice Girls will release "Goodbye," the first single from their as-yet-unreleased third album, by Christmas, according to Baby Spice (born Emma Bunton), who along with Sporty Spice (born Mel Chisholm) chatted online with fans Wednesday (Oct. 21) at the Virgin Records website. Absent from the chat were expecting moms Posh Spice (born Victoria Adams) and Scary Spice (born Melanie Brown), who couldn't chat because they were busy "being pregnant," their bandmates said. Baby told fans to expect the first single, "Goodbye," which she described as "wicked," by Christmas and said the band was hard at work on its third album, the group's first without Geri Halliwell, the former Ginger Spice. Other tidbits from Baby and Sporty: Baby likes to watch NBC's "Friends" on video and would like to sing a duet with Stevie Wonder or Janet Jackson; as for Sporty, she said she recently had lunch with pop diva Madonna and hopes to someday work with the Material Girl.

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